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Order Trasko Filters Here! TRASKO Small Refining System


To change replacement kits, please follow the instructions below.  Change replacement kit and oil for the first 5000 miles then every 10,000 miles.



1. Use the Trasko wrench to open the top relief-valve nut. Rotate the wrench anti-clockwise. The nut end is for tightening the filter after screwing it onto the engine manifold.




2. Always replace the gaskets.  Replace the top gasket and also the inner gasket.  Remove the top mesh. Just give it a little flick to remove the trapped particles.




3. Use the claw end by rotating it anti-clockwise to unscrew the middle flow tube.  When replacing the kit,  make sure that the tube is snug tight. Do not overtighten.



4. Unscrew the middle flow tube completely. Pull the tube out. The filter media comes out along with the tube.



5. Take out the rear mesh.  Clean the mesh by just giving it a little flick with your fingers.

Clean the filter housing using a paper towel or a fine piece of cloth.



6. Insert the rear mesh back into the filter housing. Install the middle flow tube back by screwing it clockwise onto the center threads of the housing. Insert the new media and the front mesh. Mount the top cover replaced with the new inner gasket. Screw the relief-valve nut back snug tight. Replace the top gasket before mounting the filter back.


Think Ahead: Think Right: Install a TRASKO!

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