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  • Increase your Horsepower and Speed by one gear. (You should achieve the same performance with the air conditioner on)

  • Gas mileage is improved up to 31% on long drives. (results may vary 20%-31%, average payback period is 5 months)

  • Lower emissions. (Guaranteed to pass any state emissions test , 50%- 510 reduction)

  • Longer engine life due to 100% fuel combustion and cleaner fuel. (Performance starts improving upon 2 to 3 gas tank usage after installing the unit as indicated)

The ENHANCER is a state of the art innovation implementing the compound principle of:

  1. Electromagnetic Induction
  2. Electromagnetic Control
  3. Fuel Activation Inducer all operated by an onboard COMPUTER CHIP

A Masterpiece of Engineering by TRABOLD AMERICA.



The Enhancer unit fits in the fuel line in any direction as close as possible to the engine's inlet manifold. The unit MUST be fitted in the fuel supply line, not the return line!

Optimum points of installation are:

a. Between fuel lift pump and carburetor
b. Between fuel regulator and carburetor
c. Between fuel filter and carburetor
a. Between fuel injector and injector pump
b. Between fuel pump and filter rear of vehicle
c. Between fuel filter and main fuel supply line
a. Between fuel filter and injection pump
b. Between fuel lift pump and filter at rear of vehicle
c. Between fuel pump and filter at rear of vehicle
d. After fuel filter and never before. In all cases the unit must be fitted in the fuel supply line, not the return
ELECTRICAL CONNECTION: Connect the black line to ground and white line to key operation line so that power is only supplied at starting.

THE ENHANCER is for use in CARS & Pickup Trucks.


The ENHANCER unit priced at $79.95 is a solution behind High
Performance and comes with detailed installation instructions.


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